My Country, My Country

Live Screening & Re-Screening
Live Panel Discussion
Poster of My Country, My Country film

Written and Directed by: Laura Poitras

Filmed in Baghdad, My Country, My Country tells the story of Dr. Riyadh, an Iraqi doctor, father of six and Sunni political candidate. An outspoken critic of the U.S. occupation, he is equally passionate about the need to establish democracy in Iraq, arguing that Sunni participation in the January 2005 elections is essential. Yet all around him, Dr. Riyadh sees only chaos, as his waiting room fills each day with patients suffering the physical and mental effects of ever-increasing violence. Dramatically interwoven into the personal journey of Dr. Riyadh is the landscape of the US military occupation, private security contractors, American journalists and the UN officials who orchestrate the elections.

IMDb: My Country, My Country (2006)

Live Panel Discussion

Following the screening, journalist and host of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman will host a live panel discussion with veteran journalist, author, and war reporter, Chris Hedges, alongside NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald, who appear in Citizenfour.

Additional Showings

We will re-run the film on Wednesday, November 3, at 12:00 PM ET. This is your last chance to view the film. You can always access the recordings of the live discussion on the film discussions page.